The Case of the Sinister Spa
Episode #24
COPS File #89724
Written by: David Bennet Caren
& J. Larry Carroll
Previous Episode: The Case of the Big Frame Up
Next Episode: The Case of the Cool Caveman

This is the 24th episode of C.O.P.S.


Ms. Demeanor runs a crooked spa to hypnotize Mayor Davis, make Berserko his deputy mayor, rob Empire City of its city payroll, and ruin the COPS team for good.


"The grand opening of the new Sky-High Spa was the first in Big Boss' sinister plan to take over the Mayor's office, to rob Empire City blind, and destroy the C.O.P.S. once and for all!"

The story opens with Mayor Davis arriving at the grand opening of the Sky High Spa and reporter Whitney Morgan was there to interview him before he goes in. Little did they know that the Sky High Spa is run by Ms. Demeanor, as part of Big Boss plan to steal the city payroll and ruin the COPS. Ms. Demeanor, disguised as a trainer, greets Mayor Davis and drags him in and closes the door before Whitney and her crew and the Mayor's crew could come in. First, Ms. Demeanor escorts the mayor into a special exercise machine called The Flab-O-Matic. When he went inside, Mayor Davis is subjected to a few stretches and later to a few miles of jogging. Next, the mayor is shown to a special steam room and that's where everything goes north. For Ms. Demeanor activates the hypnotic steam machine and hypnotizes Mayor Davis. Berserko wants Demeanor and his uncle Big Boss to give him the keys to the city... or the key to his car... or the keys on his piano. Big Boss said to forget the keys and told his nephew the plan.

At the mayor's office, the mayor requests a press conference with Bulletproof watching the proceedings. He announced to the press and public that he has selected Berserko as his new deputy mayor; he even pardons him from past offences. This means according to Berserko, that the COPS can't arrest him, for he is their boss. Whitney Morgan asks Bulletproof to investigate, to which Bulletproof agrees to.

At COPS headquarters, the team watches Berserko's announcement to outlaw vegetables like spinach & carrots and make everyone eat dessert first before dinner. Then Bulletproof sends MirageMainframe to the Sky High Spa to find out what's going on. Mirage even tells Mainframe that a little exercise wouldn't kill her. Mainframe replies with the saying "famous last words." But while they were away, now-deputy mayor Berserko comes in to demote the COPS to the rank of Street Sweepers, meaning that they can't do anymore police work. Bullseye is fed up with this scenario and decides to quit. Bulletproof pleads with him to stay, but Bullseye refuses and leaves. LongArm, tells Bulletproof that Bullseye's got a point and that something doesn't feel right. But Bulletproof tells him and the team that they can't do anything as long as Berseko is deputy mayor and until the girls report back to headquarters.

more to come