Real name: Sergeant Patrick J. "P.J." O'Malley
Background: New York City P.D. Beat Cop
C.O.P.S position: Patrol Officer
Badge number: 1
Trademark features: An experimental "power cuff" system, that can cuff perpetrators from a distance.
Extra specialty: Skilled with a nightstick and a service pistol.
Significant episode appearances: The Case of the Brilliant Berserko
The Case of the Lowest Crime
Voiced by: John Stocker
Patrick J. "P.J." O'Malley (code name LongArm) is a ninth generation police officer and believes with all of his heart in the "letter of the law". His strict obedience to proper law enforcement protocols can sometimes drive fellow officers nuts, but his "by the books" attitude and distinct ability are the traits that B.P. Vess found so appealing in putting him in charge of gathering the C.O.P.S. together. He and his partner Donny Brooks served Empire City well and now as field commander of the C.O.P.S., Longarm can put his new "power cuffs" to use in capturing some bigger fish.

Even as a Sergeant, Longarm prefers to walk the beat and wears an old time police officer's uniform to back up that statement. His first love is patrol, and with his pistol and nightstick, that's where he can often be found. If he's not there, he's possibly testing out his new "power cuff" system, or he's on the shooting range. He also takes some time to spend with his family when he's not making Empire City safer for normal folks.