Dr. Badvibes
Real name: Dr. Percival "Percy" Cranial
Criminal Data File:
Background: Electronics, Machinery & Science
CROOKS Position: Criminal Mad Scientist
Trademark Features:
Extra Specialty:
Significant Episode Appearances:
Voiced by: Ron Rubin
Dr. Percival "Percy" Cranial aka Dr. Badvibes is a brilliant, though completely deranged mad scientist. He used to work for Comtrex Technologies Incorporated, but he was fired for stealing top secret electronics and now he works for the Big Boss as his criminal genius. He has a glass dome on top of his head which shows his abnormally large brain and is known to create literal brainstorms by charging electricity through his brainwaves to form a cloud that can produce rain, thunder, and lightning.

Robotic PartnersEdit

Badvibes also has robotic partners he created for Big Boss. And here they are:

  • Buzzbomb - Dr. Badvibes main robotic partner. He has a buzzsaw in one hand and a clamper on the other.
  • WALDO - A small robot. At one time, he was disguised as Bulletproof.
  • Shifty - A shape-shifting robot
  • Nightmare - information unknown

Dr. Badvibes' robot partner Buzzbomb.


Dr. Badvibes' Video HighlightsEdit

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